What we can provide for ESOP service?

ESOP(Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is an employee-owner program that provides a company's workforce with an ownership interest in the company, which aims to attract, motivate and retain valuable employees of the company. The most commonly used ESOP type is Share Option, Restricted Stock and Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Pain points at the enterprise level

  • The number of employees involved is large and distributed in a wide area. It is difficult to convene all employees in a short time, and it may affect the overall progress;
  • The traditional ESOP plan management within the company involves multi-departmental manual operation, which consumes huge human resources, and it is low in efficiency and prone to errors;
  • The company need to contact domestic and overseas banks, overseas brokers and trust companies to handle account opening, foreign exchange registration, trust establishment, etc.;
  • The exercise method is single and the employee motivation effect is poor;
  • Data security is not high.

Pain points at the employee level

  • No way to know the overall process and details of the actual grant;
  • Sign a written plan agreement in with the company;
  • The process of traditional account opening and exercising process is complicated;
  • Not clear about the specific time of the company's black-out period;
  • The return of overseas income needs to occupy personal foreign exchange quota;
  • No concept of the overall ESOP, and no training channels.

Solutions provided by CMBI for corporate and employee pain points

  • Instead of face-to-face, CMBI provide APP to sign the grant agreement online, which can be easily completed anytime and anywhere. It is convenient for enterprises and personal operations;
  • Provide online system and automatic data management, easily download reports, browse details online;
  • Integrate the banking, brokerage and trust licenses of various overseas institutions, and provide corporate customers with integrated services from ESOP plan design, trust establishment, SAFE registration, tax report advice, black-out period supervision to wealth management, etc.;
  • Provide a variety of exercise methods;
  • Provide account management in compliance with compliance and regulations, and also meet the company's black-out period and external management registration requirements;
  • Provide ESOP training to employees;
  • Provide visual pages to enhance the incentive effects.

Why choose CMBI?

One-stop ESOP services

Provide one-stop services for the incentive plan from pre-IPO to post-IPO, including plan formulation, SAFE registration, trust establishment, grant, vest, exercise, stock issuance, tax calculation to return of proceeds.

Intelligent and efficient system support

Provide intelligent IT system, ESOP management system for enterprise and APP for employees.

Comprehensive financial services

Provide investment management, margin financing and securities lending and other value-added supporting financial services

Safe and reliable automated data management

Provide various data management reports for enterprises

ESOP Service Business Process

  • 1.Understand customer needs
  • 2.Go through the details of ESOP
  • 3.Confirm CMBI as an ESOP supplier
  • 4.Confirm the details of the overall incentive plan
  • 5.CMB Account Opening
  • 6.SAFE No. 7 registration and filing
  • 7.ESOP Account Opening
  • 8.Confirm the full process, and the ESOP system officially runs
  • 9.Provide regular ESOP reports and PRC tax calculation supporting for enterprises

IT System Support

CMBI ESOP system is specially designed for enterprises and employees.
We provide ESOP management system for companies, where corporate managers can perform ESOP plan management, exercise vesting approval, online contract signing, black-out period setting, tax calculation support and other additional services. At the same time, we also provide employees APP, where they can browse ESOP plan details, exercise and sell shares online, and etc.

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